8 May - Monday. All the day, sun.

Today, the 8th of May, is a national holiday in France commemorating the day that the 2nd World War ended in1945. There was a ceremony and we were invited to participate(at Chateaurenaud). There were many flags in front of the Veterans Monument. There were speeches and bugles playing, and we heard the French National Anthem, "La Marseillaise". Many people attended the ceremony.

Aujourd'hui, c'est la commémoration de l'Armistice du 8 Mai 1945, pour la fin de la 2ème Guerre Mondiale. Nous étions invités a y participer(à Chateaurenaud). Beaucoup de drapeaux devant le Monument aux Morts des guerres. Allocutions, sonneries de clairons et exécution de l'Hymne National "La Marseillaise". Beaucoup de gens assistent a cette cérémonie.

For some families, the 8th of May is also a chance to get together to celebrate the birthday of one of the young Americans, Jack; who is 11 years old today! It was a beautiful day, and the mood was very festive!


Pour quelques familles, le 8 Mai était aussi l'occasion de fêter l'anniversaire d'un jeune Américain, Jack, qui a 11 ans ce jour! C'est une belle journée, et l'ambiance est très joyeuse!