After sojourn*

I will continue perhaps to keep up with you here, every now and then, when certain thoughts come to heart...certain things come to mind.
There is one thing that I forgot in my short reports: I had the occasion to meet the two chaperones of the American children, Laura and Katie. They came to my house to send and receive messages when they had difficulties doing this at school. This led to the discovery of a special mutual friendship. For my wife Annie and myself, we saw two women, on the one hand straightforward, but also warm and without pretense. For them, it was undoubtedly an occasion to discover a couple of retirees living a rustic way of life, far from all the formalities of life. Their objective and this friendship was at the root of our short and precious encounter. Here, I would like to thank them for their help with the daily reports, advantageously filling in when I had no way to do them.
Thank you Laura K. - Thank you Katie W.