After sojourn**...23 May

Recently, the teacher in Chateaurenaud brought me a small, very surprising document-a card created by the American children with a message written by one of them (I believe that I can recognize the handwriting from the signature, and it is a child who came to visit me...) and signed by all of his classmates. This message moved and surprised me! I have been led to believe that children hardly ever say thank you...and here is proof that that is false. As few among them actually met me, I am tempted to believe that this one must have spoken about me to the others!!! If I had done them a favor, this would be perfectly normal. I know that our children will find in Elmhurst, if not a Papy of 73 years, others who they will appreciate.
I have made a photo of the card below and copied the text for you to read:


Dear M. Paquelier,

Thank you for all your help in keeping this program together. We couldn't have done this without you. Thank you for going through all that trouble to let our kids come to your house during your private time. We also really appreciated the website you made. Merci,