Vous pouvez écouter "The Star - Spangled Banner"

 After sojourn***...27 May

Already 2 weeks have gone since the departure of the American children.
The day before the departure, Laura and Katie came by the house to say their good-byes by offering us some nice presents. As on should, we invited them to stay for a quick lunch, raising a small bottle to toast (...not Coke!). At the end of the meal, memories of youth came back to Annie, my wife. In November of 1944, her region, Saint-Dié (Lorraine) was liberated from the German occupation by American troops. Being middle school aged, she learned many American songs, such as The Star Spangled Banner and Swing Low Sweet Chariot... and the 3 women sang in chorus!!! I must admit that I did not sing with them, not knowing these songs :-( To ask forgiveness for my guilty ignorance, I thought of offering a bottle of Mirabelle alcohol to each of them, to compensate...I believe that I was not mistaken!
Since that day, thanks to the music book that Anne S. sent us, I have conscientiously learned these American folk songs! On the other hand, Annie found the song book from those days!
What souvenirs!!!