After sojourn**** June 14th

To the American families...

 During these three weeks, as the Castelrenaudins were discovering the wonders of Elmhurst, Chicago and other interesting things in Illinois, I followed their trips day by day thanks to your web site filled with wonderful pictures.
Along with that, I take great pleasure rereading all the messages sent to me by the American families during the kids' visit in Chateaurenaud.  I was truly surprised by the warmth and friendliness shown to me.  So many Moms, Dads, Grandparents, Uncles and Aunts felt the desire to let me in on their gratitude and their sentiments.  I understood that the differences between our countries, the ways of  life, are less important than that which joins us together. Everyone is capable of mutual understanding and friendship.  Certain families were nice enough to tell me about their lives, and that interested me very much.  That was, on their part, a show of confidence, thanks again.

 And one more time I'd like to mention our best memory; the two "Ambassadrices" who accompanied your children here.  We very much appreciated their kindness and devotion.

 Now that our children have returned, and their families are rejoicing, I feel a new kind of tearing.  I dread that the bonds will decrease between the families once all stories have been told and everyone resumes their normal lives.  I know that many will want to see each other again one day and some will do that.  But many won't be able
 to.  For me, being able review the epic through the computer as much as I like will undoubtedly suffice.  I'll also save a collection of wonderful gifts given us.  In the mean time I am always happy to read an e-mail sent to me by one family or another, and I will gladly respond to them!
 Good bye one more time...
 All of our friendship to you all...

Marcel & Annie