Solène au pied de l'autel de la Ste Vierge


at Saint-Usuge-71,

on Sunday October 31st 2004

Philippe and Pascale had decided to baptize their baby daughter Solene. For that, they thought that our Bresse would be the better region for getting together the family.
Mamy Annie had contacted the
Father Bonin, parson at St-Usuge parish, who consented to celebrate the baptism in his church (after the preparation at Vichy). They agreed upon the date of October 31st. The choice of godfather and godmother, in the case in point Eric, Philippe's friend and Cathy, Pascale's sister, was set long beforehand. The choice of one restaurant's room worthy of the event was the Bourgchateau Mill at Louhans.
The baptism ceremony took place after the high mass which most of us attended. Obviously, Mamy Annie gave us to hear nice liturgical chants , either as soloist or in choir. She was thanked by Father Bonin, the Paquelier's being very proud of it !
Solene was a model of wisdom during the ceremony, barely indisposed by the water sheded on her head. We were far out of the tears so often heard at that occasion !
After the ceremony, we headed towards the Virgin Mary's altar where Solene had to be set under her protection. She was not at all daunted being alone down by the altar, surrounded by her family. A brief text read out by the two mamies, then the hymn " Chez nous, Soyez Reine ", chanted in choir.
After that ceremony, nurture of the minds, it was time to think of feeding the bodies at Bourgchateau : a nice room at the second floor, overhanging the Seille river, which was flooding because of last week's heavy rains .
We were 16 guests in addition of Solene who was at the front of the table. Everyone had his personal menu set up and we soon started to eat.
No need to report the menu, but all was of best taste, good beverage and perfect service.
After the meal, we assented to meet at La Troche for a last gathering before the departure of the ones having to leave us : Coralie and Michael by train for Belfort, Monique towards the Jura, Eric and Nathalie towards the Burgundy, the parents Duvernay and Cathy towards the Charolais.
The next day being a holiday (Toussaint celebration), Philippe-Pascale-Solene, and Roger-Sylvie remained here, avoiding that we would suddenly be alone after a day so full of life.
Many thanks to all the participants at this familial fiesta.

M. P.

comeback to la Troche... Eric and Nathalie after the ceremony

Annie chanting hymn
The ceremony of the Baptism 
The two mamies introducing Solene to Virgin Mary 
Signatures  of Baptism Act 
The Duvernay's, parents, daughter and granddaughter
 Coralie, Michael, Monique and Cecile coming out

A few guests...Sylvie, Roger and Cathy The charlotte-cake is very tempting for Solene!

 Yves, a sermon doubtless convincing...