Cannes Festival  2004... The poster

From Left to right: Coralie, Maritina (Greece), Vincent Cassel and Julien (Alsace)




Eure Department at Cannes Festival

Selected as Youth's reward Jury member at Cannes, Coralie Paquelier, a student from Boisemont came up the steps of Festivals Palace with emotion.

The High-Normandy region is represented at the International Cannes Film Festival: Coralie Paquelier, a student from Boisemont (Eure), is part of the Youth reward Jury. This reward recompenses one movie (1st, 2nd and 3rd works of a director) chosen amid two selections of the Festival : the Official Competition and A Certain Regard.

Devant les marches du Festival, pour Paris-Normandie

19 years old, Coralie hence went up, wearing her pretty dress black with white dots, the famed steps of the Festival's Palace next to the most well-known personalities of international cinema. A dream for this girl who, at 5 years old, played in " Madame Bovary " by Claude Chabrol.This passion hasn't left her since. So, now she studies in her first year of college the performing arts and cinema at Amiens College.

Isabelle Huppert and Jean Yanne

I would like to work in cinematography, for instance in a magazine. Or even to be screenwriter or assistant, while trying to be a comedian, maybe just as an amateur ", confides Coralie.

Her love of the stage, rather of the theater, she owes to her baby-sitter : " With her we made some shows in front of our parents. That was very funny and I loved it. My passion for the cinema came from my cousin "

Coralie recalls the little character, an extra, she played in the film " Madame Bovary ", about fifteen years ago. For the shooting, Claude Chabrol had set up his camera at Lyons-la-Foret. I was disguised as a boy and I didn't understand at all what I did. But I very much enjoyed it " she recalls.

Coralie never saw the film : " As a young girl, my parents forbade me to watch it because there were violent scenes. I still haven't seen it . I don't even know if I appear in it. I remember that Isabelle Huppert and Jean Yanne were in the spotlight ".
1990: Coralie as extra disguised as a boy

On the way towards the 7th Art.

Selected amid hundreds of candidates to constitute the Jury of Youth's Reward at Cannes, Coralie had had to complete her knowledge about the 7th Art before flying to " la Croisette ".
" I immersed myself during the that entire year ", she modestly conceded.
" The selection committee found her letter of incentive original: a cartoon that stages herself as a critic of movies ", emphasized Luce Namer, in charge of communication at the Ministry of Youth, Sports and Associative Life, of which the godmother, this year, is the comedian Cécile de France, Cesar of Best Female Hope in cinema, in 2003.

" I much enjoyed doing this cartoon ", Coralie admitted. She owes being at Cannes to her father " who enlightened me on the way of the 7th Art. He is the one who heard from France Bleu Radio the announcement about the re search of for young movie lovers to be part of the Young Jury "
"To top it off" yesterday Coralie Paquelier and the six other members of the Jury were honored, awarding the 23rd Youth Reward to an young film maker.
Thereafter, no doubt that the Norman girl from Boisemont will not watch the movies with the same eye.

Rémy Lebel.

A few photos-souvenirs from this exciting adventure...

The Youth's Jury  almost complete, after coming up the steps of Festivals Palace

First day, first interview...

Climbing the steps: from L to R:Julien, Rhyna, Coralie, Maritina, Marion, CÚcile de France, Renaud and Julie

A few minutes after climbing the steps...relaxation!!

1000 dress to choose...a strange self-portrait through a mirror!

Break on the terrace of Noga Hilton Hotel