Since a very long time, I had dreamed of getting together my close kinship and friends in order to propose them a time of conviviality thanks to music, dance and songs (to me, inseparable from a successful fiesta).
Here's the text of the invitation :

Friends and kinship,

you are invited to a little soiree on Saturday July 3rd.
At Arinthod, on the Jura Plateau,we embark you to the Jeanne of Arc showroom,at 8:30 PM if you agree !
On some playful melodies, we'll dance.

But you too, do think what you could share with all of us :

do bring a few fruits, a cake, a refreshment...
And also, funnily, your poems, your songs...
all kinds of music, your tales, your playlets,
your collective games that on this evening will warm up the hearts !

The activity itself began by dancing music thanks to my accordionist students, musician friends and folk singers. Every dance first was explained : How ravishing it was to see how most of the guests began the game and appeared to well enjoy themselves dancing (or watching, for the ones less audacious.)
Roger and Sylvie who hadn't met before played together one gavotte that they had learnt each singly, from a score found on the Internet.
In a second time, people approached their seats to hear the songs that Roger played at the piano, trying to distinguish then sing them. So, the older ones enjoyed to singing "La cage aux oiseaux", "Les corons", "La maladie d'amour" .
Then, the guitarists took their instruments and accompanied the songs that beforehand I had chosen and sent by tape to a part of the guests, in order to be sure that we would have a common repertoire (significant of thoughts that suited me.)
The program continued with Emmanuel who narrated a traditional tale embellished with sound effects ( horn and bird-call), bringing some imagination to that story, a little devilish!
The evening followed with music : again sung or played dances. Then, an interlude "gift-surprise" where I got one folder full of kind messages, as also one "Bohdran" (Irish drum) given by my musician friends who had pooled together.
The echoes collected on the next days confirmed that all the guests had enjoyed to participate at that fiesta and had appreciated its warm ambience.
For me, I am very grateful to everyone who contributed to it.


 Guests coming
 Accordionist students 
 Sylvie H. and Roger, in duet flute and piano
 Singers and guitarists
Emmanuel, the narrator and his accouterment...
 Youth dancing

Six cousins together (2 générations...)

 The original gift surprise , the bohdran

Brothers and sister