Our Grandchildren

the new (7th) arrival among our grandchildren

July 20th 2005: VALERIAN's Birth

Philippe's family in his new house...August 2005

September 20th, VALERIAN 2 months old

Solene and Valerian: already  good friends!

October 2003, Solene and Valerian good friends!

March 2006, Valerian (8 months old) with grandma Ginette at Les Chizelles

Hauterive, July 20th 2006; Valerian's firth Birthday

Hauterive, July 20th 2006: Valerian's first birthday

August 2006: Valerian and his father.

August 2006 - Valerian and his father

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April 15 2005:

 Justine at the clinic.

4 days later, at home.

It's me Juju, already three months old...

Juju's first visit (almost 4 months old) at la Troche, August 2nd to 7th 2005

Coralie's 20th Birthday, with Juju

October 2005: Coralie's 20th Birthday with her little sister Juju

Juju on her swing and at the keyboard

Juju on her swing

and at the keyboard

Justine already one year old

Justine, already one year old!

Justine, 16 months old. Already a little girl

August 2006: Justine, 16 months old; already a little girl

Justine has her own website... http://jujupaq.akeonet.com/

December 10, 2003: SOLENE's Birth

Solene, Decembre 12 2003. First regards on life.

Solene, January 25 2004...Six weeks old

Solene, January 25 2004: Six weeks old

January 25, 2004: Welcoming Life... I am already six weeks old!

February, 15. Solene, pride of her parents and grandparents

May 2004: 5 months old. Already initiation on computer...

October 31 2004: Solene's Baptism at St-Usuge

July 30th 2005: A new house for our family!

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Coralie, Michael and Cecile
Easter 1998 Easter's eggs hunt in the garden
And below, the newly born baby who arrived in this world on October 12 1999 :


Michaël, Yohann and Coralie (photo2000)

and Cécile, the cousin (photo1998)

Cecile, by Loan - Paris 06-2001

Yohann - Noel 2000

Yohann with the dogs

June 17th 2001

Our Coralie, 16 years old... the Star