PAQUELIER's Généalogy

Ancestry of

PAQUELIER Marcel's Family

since 1670

Brothers and sister

All born in Chateaurenaud, La Troche

Marie        born on 04/15/1920 (died on 04/27/2004)

Pierre      born  on 06/03/21        (died on 11/05/1969)

Jean        born on 10/03/1922     

François   born  on 11/14/1924

Paul         born on   08/29/1926    (died on 10/22/2000)

Marcel     born on 11/28/1927             

Charles    born on 02/01/1932   

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et 4ème


Our Parents

Joseph PAQUELIER, born on 08/28/1885 in La Troche,     died on 08/09/1973

Eugénie COMPARET born on 01/11/1897 in CH.RENAUD,   died on 02/13/1987

married on 07/01/1919 in CHATEAURENAUD

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Our  Grandparents

Paternal side: Philibert PAQUELIER born on 05/13/1855 La Troche, died in 1922

                    Claudine BLONDE   born on 11/16/1856, died in 1947

Maternal side: Aimé COMPARET

                      Marie-Louise BADOS

In 1935, They celebrated their Golden wedding anniversary, surrounded by 12 of their 13 children , and 40 grandchildren (a number that would increase to about 60 in later years).

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Napoléon III

Our Great Grandparents

Joseph PAQUELIER born on 08/15/1815 , died in 1894

Denise PAQUELIER  born in 1820, died in 1893



Charles X

Our Gr-Great Grandparents

Jean-Baptiste PAQUELIER born in 1786, at The Villard, died in 1819

Jeanne-Marie PROST , married in 1813

Napoléon 1°



Our Gr.Gr.Great Grandparents

Bertrand PAQUELIER born in 1750 died in 1819

Marie-Abigaël ROCH, then Claudine PROST-PRUDANT 2°wedding

Louis XVI

Our Gr.Gr.Gr.Great Grandparents

Joseph PAQUELIER, born on 11/23/1703 , died in 1782

Anne-Marie Claudine BLONDE

Louis XV

Our Gr.Gr.Gr.Gr.Great Grandparents

Claude PAQUELIER born about 1670, died in 1720

Anne VINCENT, born in 1675, died in 1715