The Family

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Married on March 2nd, 1957 in SAINT-DIE (Vosges) - France

May 26th 2002, in Chateaurenaud........ 45 years later!

The Children

JACQUES, born on March 02, 1958 in La GUERCHE s/l'AUBOIS (Cher)

and his Lady companion, MICHELE CLAVEQUIN

and his secund companion, ANNE PREVOST

MONIQUE, born on August 07, 1959 in BANGUI ( Center-African Republica)

ROGER, born on May 26, 1967 in LONS le SAUNIER (Jura)

PHILIPPE, born on July 14, 1970 in LONS le SAUNIER (Jura)

and his Lady companion, PASCALE DUVERNAY

The Grandchildren

The children of JACQUES and MICHELE :

CORALIE PAQUELIER, born on October 01st, 1985 in DIJON (Cote d'Or)

MICHAEL PAQUELIER, born on May 19, 1988 in DIJON (Cote d'Or)

YOHANN PAQUELIER, born on October 12,1999 in ROUEN (76 S.M.)

The daughter of JACQUES and ANNE

JUSTINE PAQUELIER, born on April 15 2005 in VERNON (27 Eure)

The daughter of MONIQUE and her Gentleman companion

CECILE ANGELLOZ, born on October 29, 1990 in CHENOVE (Cote d'Or)

The daughter of PHILIPPE and PASCALE

SOLENE PAQUELIER, born on December 10 2003 in VICHY (Allier)

VALERIAN PAQUELIER, born on July 20 2005 in VICHY (Allier)