Let's speak about cars...

...But Citroen 2CV, the " Deudeuch " !

(chummy nickname for Deux Che...vaux)

Since 1954, the year of my first Renault 4CV, I had obviously a great number of cars (no not counting five motorcycles) : Two Citroen " Traction Avant ", one Panhard PL-17, one Citroen DS-21, one Citroen 2CV-Special, one Fiat-Panda, one Citroen CX-2000, one Peugeot-106, one Citroen Xsara-1.4, one Citroen Saxo-1.2, one Citroen C-3,..

...And finally one Citroen 2CV6-Club that I acquired after the death of my sister Mary in this spring 2004. She had owned this car since 1986. It is in exceptional condition for its age. So I feel myself that it ought to stay in the family heritage. Although I don't have to any particular use for it, I think to keep it just so for a few years.

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The 2CV, front view 

The 2 CV, view from left 

The 2 CV, rear view  

 The 2CV, inside view

A few photos of preceding cars...

Renault 4CV

1961/1970: Panhard PL17 blue

Citroën Traction Avant, 1955/1959

Peugeot 204 Break  1968/76

Citroen 2CV4 -Spécial 1978/1988

Citroen CX-2000 Reflex 1982/1999

Citroen Xsara 1.4  Citroen C3 since August 2002