Fishing in the Seille River

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Since 1982, I have devoted some of my leisure time to fishing. It is in the Seille River (a tributary of the Saone River), which takes its source in the Jura Mountain that I practice this hobby.It is a wide river, fairly deep and slow flowing, except for the swells wich are frequent. The fishes are very abundant and varied. White fishes such as carps, breams, roachs, tenchs etc. and also flesh eating fishes: pikes, sandres and perchs.
Trout can be found only upstream, in the Jura mountains. A particular fishing is allowed there: the square dipping-net. It is used mostly during the periods when the waters are stirred up.
Above, a carp. Below a pike (9 kgs), both caught in 1988 with a square dipping-net.

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A large (7 kgs) sandre taken with a regular fishing-line.

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2001... Fishing continues, despite people saying: " No more fish to be caught". As a consequence, " No more fishermen either." September and October are very favorable months for perches-sandres, and pikes line fishing. See this big three feet in length pike I caught!

The Seille River, a serene river where those beautiful fishes are caught. Unfortunately, it as been recently invaded by the big silurus, at the detriment of pikes and sandres. View in spring, summer and winter.