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Philippe:Philippe, my son

A very interesting crayon rendering. Above, two outlines made with colored chalks and compositions made with a " mouse " or other tools. Below, a portrait of Pascale, particularly expressive.

Pascale, by Philippe


Monique playing accordion Monique, playing harp

Her favored hobby is the music. She likes all musical instruments . She practices the piano, violin, diatonic accordion, harp, guitar,dulcimer, zither, flute, etc…

Roger:Roger... vintage 2007 As Monique, music is his forte. Pianist since his very young years, he also plays the chromatic accordion. Now, piano is his favorite instrument. He is also a fervent adept of marathon, para-sailing , jogging, swimming, roller and climbing…an accomplished sportsman! !

Marie-Odile C. She is one of my nieces, with a special artistic talent for the painting of miniatures : Oil paintings on small canvas of only 8 x 10 cms and displayed on mini-easels … they are real marvels ! Below a specimen which I have in my possession an another showing Ste Victoire mountain, another a "Borie" among the lavender. Under, a gouache of landscape at Les Vaux (August 2001).

Claude Martin. He his my nephew. He offered to me this oil paintings ( 60 x 38 cm)

I must add that in the past, a family member has always distinguished herself with the art of painting ; especially miniatures :

Alice Paquelier-Gaiffe, my father's first cousin. The Museum Denon of Chalon-sur-Saone displays most of her work. The Oron Castle, in Switzerland, where she was the last Chatelaine (owner) during the 1930s conserves the memory of her painting talent. Her bedroom is particularly elegantly decorated. Below, the photo of one of her miniatures.

For more details, please visit this website : http://www.swisscastles.ch/vaud/oron >> follow the guide >>Bedroom APG