The Family in 1998

Photo taken on March 2nd 1998, on the occasion of our 41st wedding anniversary and Jacques's 40th birthday.
From left to right: Pascale (Philippe's companion) - Philippe - Mamie Annie - Cecile (Monique's and Patrick's daughter)- Roger - Pappy Marcel - Michael in front of his mother Michele (Jacques's companion) - Coralie between her dad and mum - Monique.

Their respective occupation is:

-Pascale : psychologist in thecommunity
-Philippe, commercial technician (industry)
-Mamie Annie : homemaker semi-retired and part time volunteer
-Cecile : primary student in the Jura region
-Roger : computers and insurance commercial technician in Montpellier
-Pappy Marcel, retired, "apprentice" webmaster , somewhat misanthrope
-Michael, an excellent student in Normandy
-Michele, surveyor and homemaker
-Coralie, a most excellent student in Normandy
-Jacques, computer technician in Normandy
-Monique, teacher at CNED, homemaker in the Jura region.