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Between Sky and Earth

Precious story, the one recalling the nightmare lived daily by bruised generations during the tragic events that shook anew, last century, entire populations.
From everywhere and at various occasions, testimonies abound to perpetuate the remembrance, and maintain the duty, of memory.
Everyone, in his own way takes part in it, according to his own experiences or his sensibility.
Marcel Paquelier was not yet 17 years old in June 1944. A native from Bresse-Burgundy country, liberated on September 4th 1944, he forged for himself an ideal of freedom. Two months later, he decided to join the French Air Force, which took him away towards other wars until 1963.
Authoring his website, Marcel Paquelier threw himself into the narration of his adventures in the four corners of the world. By an alert and humorous style, he brings us from the Jura region where he began his duty to other countries, overflown at the time of his numerous missions.
The "Knight of the Sky" has since come back to his Burgundian earth and today shares with us his passion of aeronautics. His favorite plane is the Stampe SV4C. On this plane he made his first stage of training in the rear seat.
"After ten hours of training, looking at the empty front cockpit monitor, there is a strange feeling in the stomach, and your legs are somewhat shaky," he wrote.
The near full size model of the Stampe will be exposed

on September 5th at Louhans-Chateaurenaud, for the occurrence of the 60th Anniversary of Liberation. An excellent program to discover on the Internet, amid others: a parade of military vehicles from this era.

Ghislaine BONNOT

- Marcel Paquelier's adventure on the Web -

Sunday Newspaper edition - "Saône-et-Loire"- May 14 2000

The Internet is not only for the youngs

Marcel Paquelier

The Grandfather Webmaster of Troche Street

The May sunshine radiates all over the country landscape of the Bress region. The birds cannot be seen but can be heard, the aroma of the flowers, the trees, and the freshly plowed soil represent a peaceful moment of yore as if time had stood still.
The man we are about to interview comes out of his garden to welcome us, looking and dressed very much like a farmer of a distant past. It is indeed a beautiful "Sunday in the country" as we enter Marcel Paquelier's domain. Let us meet the "Internaut and expert surfer".

His handshake is firm and friendly; his look is bright and curious. The origin of his family goes way back to 1670 in this region of France where Marcel Paquelier was born in November 1927.
This 73 years old Grand Father became interested in this new mean of communication about two years ago, thanks to one of his sons. "When my son arrived at our house with a computer, I had no idea how this thing could be of any use to me.
Little by little however, I began to understand the concept and the Internet changed my life".
An ex French Air Force pilot, "virtual travel" is nothing new for this man who has traveled the world from Africa to Indochina, and returning to France only long enough to start a family.
"I had to force myself to recall my memories before it was too late"
Once you are accustomed to contemplate the world from up above, it becomes evident how large the territories are.
At altitude, the world appears in its fullness; the blue planet, man's world seen from aloft has no language or culture limitations, the only frontiers are the outlines of the oceans and natural landscapes.
If anyone is surprised that a person of his generation uses the Internet and creates websites, you should see the twinkle in his eyes. "Thanks to aviation and flying, I was able to meet different people, learn about different cultures, and it now gives me a different outlook at the current events".
One must open up to a changing world and to new technologies so as not to age so quickly.

It permits those of my generation to keep up with society, and not being discriminated by our age.
Marcel Paquelier has created several websites on the Internet; -about his friends of Chateaurenaud - about the Paquelier family and its lifestyle - and about the memories of his career. He introduces his site with the following title:

"THE FRENCH AIR FORCE : a few adventurous years in the Four Corners of the world"

Directly from Illinois

In November 1999, Marcel Paquelier received messages via the internet from the families of the American children presently in Chateaurenaud for the scholastic student exchange program.
These families wanting to know more about this small area of France where their children were going to sojourn found Marcel Paquelier's website. "It is a mean of communication used much more in America than it is in France".
Since the Chateaurenaud school had encountered problems with the installation of the Internet, the messages were arriving at my house.
I have virtually developed a friendship with an American family through the Internet, and I have had the pleasure to meet their son these last few days. We certainly will keep in touch, since the family will be coming to France in July.
In conclusion, I can assert that the Internet has changed my life, and has changed my daily habits. However, I also keep a daily contact with the land since I very much enjoy gardening, harvesting honey from my beehives, fishing, and planting trees.

We fully understand Marcel…the Grandpa webmaster by his own definition, now lives in harmony with the present without forgetting his journey, his life's experiences, and more importantly his family values.
The warmth and the humbleness of his personality are not "virtual"; they are real.


A passage from the site of
Marcel Paquelier

Now, I fly with a computer Flight Simulator (it reminds me of the old Link-Trainer), and I am writing my life's story on the web. If by any chance some other Internauts sharing any of my passions would happen to "land" on my website and wanted to contact me, please do not hesitate!

Site Internet:

-Martine PICAUD-

(Translation by Michel LEVEILLARD)

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