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A few adventurous years

in the four corners of the World


Welcome to my website where I will share with you the history of my career with the French Air Force between 1945 and 1963, as well as a brief overview of my many assignments.
For those desiring more details about my life, and if you do not mind a bit of reading, you will also find the memories of my youth in the Air Force.

Other pages are consecrated to my family, my activities and my present environment.

For the benefit of the families of American children from Elmhurst Illinois participating in a scholastic student exchange with those of Chateaurenaud, a presentation page has been added, as well as a journal relating their experiences while in Chateaurenaud.

TN00604A.gif (2428 octets)Career synopsis and overview on my assignements

PE02086A.gif (1977 octets)Memories of my career (Aviation)



The PAQUELIER Family and his environment


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First publication: December 1997
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