History and Updates of the Paqsenior's Website

In order for visitors to discover the latest pages they may not have yet seen, I have catalogued the successive steps of my site. The most recent and important realizations are at the top of the list.
A lot of modifications, corrections (or added material) on other pages are very frequent …and without any doubts, even more will certainly follow!

Year 2005 : The family expands: Justine (April) and Valérian's (July) birth: Family > Grandchildren

Year 2004: Coralie at the Cannes Festival. Monique's Fiesta. The cars. The Solene's Baptism. Again the Newspaper

December 2003: The family expands: Solene's birth: Family > Grandchildren

October 2003: English Version: French Air Force memories: 1944-1963

September 2002: English Version: Childhood and Adolescence Memories (1927/1944)

April 2002: English Version :Sunday Newspaper edition - "Saône-et-Loire"- May 14 2000

February 2002: New pages about my youth, and French Air Force memories: 1944-1963

January 2002: Pages about my park, trees plantation, and bamboo cultivation.

May 2001 : The great reunion of the families Comparet, Paquelier and others at St-Usuge.

March 2001: Vietnam yesterday, Vietnam today: a photographic history and parallel.

January 2001: My childhood and adolescence memories (1927 to 1944) French only.

December 2000: Page dedicated to the STAMPE airplane.

Dec.99 - June 2000: The French-American scholastic student exchange. "Back to Back": Preparation and reports.

November 1999: The Marcel Bloch/Dassault propeller airplanes before the jet era.

October 1999: French Air Force in Indochina.

March 1999: First pages about my family and our environment; updated very frequently.

August 1998: The rebirth of the French Air Force, from 1942 to 1945.

May 98: Transfer from AOL to Wanadoo of my initial Website concerning my French Air Force Career, and the Chateaurenaud Friends Association.(conceived at the end of 1997)