Chateaurenaud Visite


Monday 24-April Departure Elmhurst
Tuesday 25-Aprily Arrival Chateaurenaud
Wednesday 26-April Museum Printing & Hospital
Thursday 27-April Day Dijon Airfield & City
Friday 28-April Intro French School
Saturday 29-April Mayor's Reception
Sunday 30-April Free day With Families
Monday 1°-May Louhans Market
Tuesday 2-May Visit French Farm
Wednesday 3-May Fire Station
Thursday 4-May Scavenger Hunt
Friday 5-May Bus Trip Tournus
Saturday 6-May Free Day With Families
Sunday 7-May Free Day With Families
Monday 8-May Holiday Victory 39/45
Tuesday 9-May Trip Castle Pierre-de-Br.
Wednesday 10-May Visit Classes High Junior
Thursday 11-May Class and Spectacle
Friday 12-May Bus Trip Eden-Cuisery
Saturday 13-May Farewell-Show Reception
Sunday 14-May Depart France Arrival USA
Good Bye ...A bientôt!
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Thuesday April 24 2001 One year ago...
Thuesday Sept 11 2001 Tragedy
February 2003 Discord...?